Vitor Mello

Senior Full-Stack Engineer & React.jsaddict.


Berlin, Germany



What I am all about.

Hi, my name is Vitor and I have been working as a Full-Stack Software Engineer for more than 12 years. I am an expert in Javascript (React.js) and PHP, and also a bit of infrastructure with Kubernetes/Docker and AWS systems. I love to break down complex scenarios, simplify processes and create simple solutions that help both the company, and my fellow colleagues.

I believe coding is a team sport, thus learning to play along with and write code that others find easy and pleasant to work with, is a requirement. Continous attention to the scalability and readability of the codebase ensures things stay future-proof.

Oh, and I love learning new things too, and feel very confortable with adopting new technologies and tools (if it aligns with the business requirements of course). In fact, being a noob at something and then quickly learning and mastering about it is something that keeps me very motivated at work.


Things I can do well.
  • 01

    React / Javascript

    Writing scalable and fast React apps is one of the things I like the most, together with Redux, Reselect. Also know my way around Webpack/Babel, optimizing bundles to their smallest size, smart polyfilling, testing with Jest, Puppeteer and BrowserStack.

  • 02

    PHP / Symfony / MySQL

    Over 12 years of experience developing server side code for E-commerce, food delivery platforms, integrating external payment APIs and travel websites have taught me how to make things fast and scalable, even under high traffic and load.

  • 03


    I develop reusable and responsive components that will make sense for others who will use it, and organize them into CSS modules to make the scope contained and avoid side effects. No one should ever be afraid of touching CSS code.

  • 04

    Test Driven Development

    This helps me keep the architecture clean, avoid spaghetti code, prevent regression bugs and increase developer confidence. I believe tests should be an crucial part in any development cycle, and I find it fun to write both unit and UI (integration) tests.

  • 05

    User Experience

    When developing frontend code, I always like to put myself into the end-user's shoes, and ask "But does this make sense?". The UI and UX should be easy to understand, remove any friction and make people actually enjoy them.

  • 06


    Forró is the most famous Brazilian partner dance, with lots of arm figures, foot work and style. I started dancing over 8 years ago and it became a (very) regular hobby for me. Since 2015, I have been teaching regular Forró classes in Humboldt University to hundreds of students each year.

Vitor Mello